•    The 18th century production and dissemination of knowledge in the Ottoman Empire: Manuscript collections and collectors, TÜBİTAK 1001, 2017-2020, Tülay Artan.   

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•    The European Union: The Politics of Integration, Jean Monnet Module, 2008-2011, Meltem Müftüler Baç.

    Pendik Local Development Project, Municipality of Pendik, January 2008 - present, Korel Göymen.

    Tufanbeyli Socio-economic Development Project, EnerjiSa, June 2008 - present, Korel Göymen.

    Çanakkale Kent Eylem Plani Projesi, Municipality of Canakkale and Canakkale Yerel Gundem 21, Korel Göymen.

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•    History Course Book, 2001-2006, Halil Berktay.

•    Shared History / Graz Process, Theseloniki, 2000-2005, Halil Berktay.