UC Berkeley and FASS have started an academic collaboration

Published on 07.06.2021 12:30

UC Berkeley and Sabancı University have signed an agreement for academic collaboration starting in Spring 2021.

Our faculty member, Ayşe Ozil, at Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, will work with Christine Philliou, a leading historian of the Ottoman Empire at the Department of History of Berkeley, where she is also a member of the Institute of European Studies and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies. This cooperation will involve joint research projects, workshops, symposia, and seminars as well as the exchange of researchers including faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars. 

Ayşe Ozil and an international team of scholars have recently started working on a project coordinated by Christine Philliou about social and cultural diversity in 19th century Istanbul. This collaboration marks the inaugural project of two joint centers at Berkeley: the Ottoman and Modern Turkish Studies Initiative and the Modern Greek and Hellenic Studies Program.