Kristen Biehl Öztuzcu

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Faculty Member
Areas of Interest
Anthropology, migration, urban diversity, gender
  • Article
    Biehl Öztuzcu, Kristen (2022) "Spectrums of in/formality and il/legality: negotiating business and migration-related statuses in arrival spaces", Migration Studies (SI), Vol.10, No.2, 112-129 (SSCI)
    Biehl Öztuzcu, Kristen (2020) "A dwelling lens: migration, diversity and boundary-making in an Istanbul neighbourhood", Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol.43, No.12, 2236-2254 (SSCI)
  • Book
    "Toplumsal cinsiyet perspektifinden: Türkiye'de göç araştırmaları, Biehl Öztuzcu, Kristen and Danış, Didem (eds.), İstanbul: SU Gender Publications, March 2020
  • Working Paper / Technical Report
    Soykan, Cavidan and Biehl Öztuzcu, Kristen and Hazan, Ceki, "Kadın mülteciler ve toplumsal cinsiyet eşitliği: haritalama ve izleme çalışması", July 2021
    Aydın Düzgit, Senem and Keyman, Fuat and Biehl Öztuzcu, Kristen Sarah, "Changing parameters of migration cooperation: beyond the EU-Turkey deal", December 2019
  • Before SU Publications

    Journal articles:

    ·       2019. ‘A dwelling lens: migration, diversity and boundary-making in an Istanbul neighbourhood.’ Ethnic and Racial Studies. 

    ·       2015. ‘Spatializing diversities, diversifying spaces: housing experiences and home-space perceptions in a migrant hub of Istanbul.’ Ethnic and Racial Studies 38(4): 596-607.

    ·       2015. ‘Governing through Uncertainty: Experiences of being a refugee in Turkey as a transit country for asylum.’ Social Analysis, 59(1): 57-75.

    ·       2014. ‘Migration, urban space and diversity: a case from Istanbul.’ Insight Turkey, 16 (4): 55-63. 

    ·       2014. ‘Infection of the Invisible: Impressions of a Tuberculosis Intervention Program for Migrants in Istanbul.’ Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. (Co-authored with Y. Yasin and M. Erol) 

    Book chapters:

    ·       2018. ‘Irregular migrants and negotiated urban space in Istanbul.’ In Fatma Muge Gocek (ed.), Contested Spaces in Turkey: Politics of the Urban, Secular, Legal and Environmental. London: IB Tauris

    ·       2018. ‘Spaces of inclusion or exception? The experience and regulation of citizenship in a space of irregularity in Istanbul.’ In Roberto G. Gonzales and Nando Sigona (eds.), Within and Beyond Citizenship: Borders, Membership and Belonging. Routledge. 

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    ·       2013.  New Migrations to Istanbul and Emerging Local Practices. In M. Balbo, A. Icduygu and J. Perez (Eds.), Countries of Migrants, Cities of Migrants: Italy, Spain, Turkey, Istanbul: Isis Press. 

    Reports and Working papers:

    ·       2019. Urban community centres in Turkey: Understanding the diversity of contemporary practices. Istanbul Policy Center. 

    ·       2014. Exploring migration, diversification and urban transformation in contemporary Istanbul: The case of Kumkapi. MMG Working Paper 14-11. 

    ·       2013. New Diversities in Istanbul: Setting a Research Agenda for Studying Migration and the City. SSIIM UNESCO Chair Paper Series, Universita IUAV di Venezia. 

    ·       2008. Migration ‘Securitization’ and its Everyday Implications: an examination of Turkish asylum policy and practice. Best Participant Essays Series 2009/01, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, San Domenico di Fiesole (FI). 

    ·       2008. Migrant Cities Research: Istanbul. British Council, November 2008. (Co-authored with A. Icduygu)